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Three Years of Moo Marketing Copy: Lessons, Wins, and Things

Moo Marketing Copy just turned three! 🎉 The anniversary was last month, but I'm better at other people's deadlines, not my own. Well, three years later, here I am. To celebrate, I'm sharing three lessons I learned...

Maasai tribe jumping dance in colourful costumes
Maasai tribe jumping dance, rural Kenya Photo by Amanda Akien

👥 Find your Tribe

What I’ve learned is that people buy from people. You don't have to write on LinkedIn every day. Focus on doing good work and building relationships. 92% of my business comes from referrals, and 88% of clients have worked with Moo Marketing Copy for over two years. Business networking groups aren’t for me - so that wasn’t an option when I started Moo. But I did find some wonderful groups and individuals online and here on LinkedIn. From Activation Hour to Writers' Hour, to everything in between - those 'water cooler' moments can be created.

⏰ Take guilt-free time out

Sure - time is money. Years of corporate drudgery institutionalised me, so I stuck to an eight-hour routine. Being chained to my desk, helped by the fact that I couldn't go anywhere due to lockdowns, and kissing 'Bonjour' to my company car!

Regular working days didn’t work for me and my ND brain. My creativity was stifled during daylight hours and my brain only worked when all normal people were sleeping. Being a 'night owl' is an advantage for working with US clients.

Taking time out of my day gives me a chance for afternoon yoga and pilates, which is a must when you are a full-time writer hunched over a desk.

✈️ Trust the Journey

Small and steady wins the race, and this couldn’t be more true. Think of the ancient Greek story of the tortoise and the hare from Aesop's Fables. The best results come from consistent and effective efforts. After all, we're here to enjoy the journey, not just reach the destination.

The way I approach everything in life is in bite-sized chunks - it makes things less daunting. Whether it's onboarding a client or buying equipment, I take a slow approach. I set up incremental goals for myself. You might have a financial goal for the quarter or a target for the number of clients you want to work with in the coming year.

Going Solo

Going alone isn't for everyone, but it fits me like Cinderella's slipper. The boss is a bit of a Moo, but we can't have it all! To find out how Moo Marketing Copy can help you, get in touch today. Together, let's write the next chapter!

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